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Tait Winter Prom - December 9th 2014

Highlights from December 9th 2014 Concert at St. John's Smith Square "Tait Winter Prom", supported by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia!!

A wonderful evening, and a huge thanks for James Hancock and Isla Baring for being just super awesome! Kimberley Busteed for being a wonderful presenter - and she pronounced my name perfectly!!!

And to: Kelly Lovelady, Jayson Gillham, Elena Xanthoudakis, Marlena Devoe, Gerard Schneider, Sophie Moffatt, Calvin Richardson, Adam Szabo, Yelian He, Nicola Crowe, Kevin Penkin, Chad Vindin; and the Orchestra (Waynne, Talulah, Evie, Lisa, Toby, Gavin, Jakab, Kate, Elena). Couldn't have done it without you guys!!!!

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